Hand-Drawn Farm Map

In response to a request after the last post, I have done my best to draw a to-scale rendition of our little farm.  Hopefully, this will clarify where everything is and how we’ve managed to stuff so gosh darned much into just two acres!


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Restaurateur, farmer, bartender, beekeeper, friend, wife, mother, dog lover, cat tolerater, chicken hypnotizer, blogger, and sometime yogi
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4 Responses to Hand-Drawn Farm Map

  1. Peter Steinberg says:

    Wow! I ask over the weekend and bam! Here’s a map. Thanks.

    So remind me, there are chickens yes? They have the run of the place? Where do they lay?

    Oh, and I like your drawings of pigs and a goat — but where’s Farmer Dave? 😉

  2. Wow. I live here, right? I cannot believe that not only did I draw the map and totally leave out the chicken coop, but that Dave and others looked at it and didn’t even notice the omission. We are awesome.

    Yes, there are many chickens. Yes, they have the run of the place. They pretty much lay wherever the heck they want, but almost never in the coop itself. We’ve actually “trained” the majority of them to deliver by placing crates in the mud room. Of the nine or so eggs we get per day at the moment, about six of them will be in the mud room boxes. The rest have been in the garage on the top bale of hay (lately), but they definitely mix it up.

    If I HAD drawn the coop on the map, it would’ve gone diagonally between the house and the goat pen.

  3. Mae says:

    Hi, just found your blog and I’m loving it! Especially the story about Junior the emo rooster. I’ve never farmed, but aspire to start a small farm in Maine, so it’s great to hear about what everyday life on a farm is like.
    I can’t see the map, unfortunately. Could you post it as a different file type?

    • I love “Junior the emo rooster.” Really funny.

      I’ve uploaded the map (again). For some reason, imagery from posts disappears occasionally and I’ve yet to figure out why. It should be there now. Thanks!

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