Rain, Rain, Go Away…

We are on day three of non-stop rain.

At first, it was really welcome.  It had been dry and hot and we needed some rain.  We just didn’t need ALL the rain that ever there was.  But we got it.  And we keep on getting it.



The front garden is partially submerged.  Dave went out yesterday and dug trenches to provide some run-off in the hope that the crops wouldn’t just completely drown and be ruined before we see an end to all this water.

Before digging the trenches, only the tops of many of the plants were showing and it seemed inevitable that all the work we’d

done since the beginning of April was going to be, quite literally, washed away.

The trenches seemed to buy us a little more time, but the rain is just non-stop, so whether the plants are going to make it remains to be seen.

Even the flower planters on the deck can’t seem to drain fast enough and are filled to overflowing.

Despite our best construction efforts, we found Cindy The Very Pregnant Goat huddled in the last remaining dry corner of her shed this morning.  The roof was dripping from a couple of spots and the ground itself is so saturated, the water has started coming up from below.

We raked out all of the damp straw, gave her an entire bale of new hay to cover her floor (and to eat) and draped the shed with our largest tarp. It’s hard enough to be pregnant; she didn’t need the headache of also being soggy.


Cindy is due to kid in about a week.  We are hopeful that the rains will have subsided by then and that we can welcome her babies in the sunshine.

Stay tuned!

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