Fun with Goat Kids

Now that the goat babies are six days old, they want to explore and climb on everything.  They have found surfaces to climb in and around their shed including, but not limited to, the milking platform, the milking stand on the milking platform, the cinder blocks that support two of the shed’s corners, and their mama.  We realized very quickly that the more they could climb, the happier they would be.  We decided to build them a playground.

One of the best/worst things about living on a little farm is the collection of stuff that accrues over time as a result of the various jobs being completed.  We build a shed; we have leftover pieces of scrap wood.  We get a beehive; we have extra cinder blocks.  We stack firewood; we have an abundance of pallets.  It can be bad to have all this extraneous material because life can quickly become cluttered, but it can also be a wonderful source for finding items to build, say, a goat playground.

We started with the cinder blocks.

ImageWe then placed a pallet on top of those and cut wood to make low ramps for them to climb up.


To give them some real challenges, we decided to add a higher level.  We affixed two-foot legs onto another pallet and positioned that at an angle to the first.  Connecting them with another ramp, they now had different levels to explore (not to mention a shady spot to hang out underneath).  We found a giant stump that we thought would be added fun, and attached that to yet another ramp off the front.  The end result looked like this:


 I, for one, was pretty stoked at how it turned out and couldn’t wait to get the kids on it.  We immediately collected Cindy and her babes and introduced them to the new apparatus.  They went for it immediately.  It wasn’t cute at all was insanely adorable.

Image Image

I also took a short video because seeing baby goats in action is a good way to turn a bad day around.  So, if you or someone you know is having a bad day, please click here: 

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  1. Paul Secovnie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.Its beautiful.

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