The Broody Hens Are Ruining It for Everybody

applewood farm

So, the broody hens are ruining it for everybody.

Our Bantam Splash Cochin, Molly, had been diligently sitting three eggs (which, for the record, were not hers) for a couple of weeks.  Rather than do this in the coop, she decided to hunker down in one of the two milk crates we’d set up in the mud room.

Originally, there was one hay-lined milk crate.  It was there for the cat to have a warm place to go in those few really bitter cold winter nights.  It immediately became such a popular egg-laying spot for the chickens that we added a second one.  If there was room, we’d transform the entire mud room into an auxiliary coop, because it seems to be one of the only places anyone wants to lay eggs.

In the picture above, one of our Rhode Island Reds is actually waiting on line to have a…

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