applewood farm Photo Contest! (with Prizes!)

Since we opened applewood restaurant back in 2004, we’ve always featured the work of local photographers on our walls.  We have tried to find photos that showed images of farms and farming, and so far we think we’ve done a pretty good job.

For some time, we’ve been bringing applewood farm products down to the restaurant and now, we’d like to bring applewood farm photographs there as well.

Here’s where you come in.

We’ve selected 15 photographs from our collection that we think might go well on the dining room walls.  There is only space for nine of them, however, and we need your help deciding which nine to frame and hang.

Please vote for your favorite image by responding with the photo number and/or name in the “Leave a Reply” section of this blog.  Please only choose one photo.

At the end of the contest, The nine photos with the most votes will be framed for hanging at applewood restaurant in Brooklyn.


One winner will be chosen at random to receive the 16″x20″ photo of his/her choice!

Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, August 11, 2013.

Pig Hut with Chickens#1 – Pig Hut with Chickens

Huck in the Weeds#2 – Huck in the Weeds

Calendula#3 – Calendula

Cindy at the Door#4 – Cindy at the Door

Hello, Bacon!#5 – Bacon!

Three Chickens Nesting#6 – Three Chickens Nesting

Kids in the Food Bowl

#7 – Kids in the Food Bowl

Tough Guy#8 – Tough Guy

IMG_5647#9 – Piglet in the Sunshine

Cat in the Fire Pit

#10 – Cat in the Fire Pit

Good Morning, Goat.  Good Morning, Gnome.#11 – “Good Morning, Gnome.  Good Morning, Goat.”

Huck and the Hens#12 – Huck and the Hens

Tatum and the Pig Shed#13 – Tatum Doing Chores

Three Eggs#14 – Three Eggs

Huck and Molly on the Roost#15 – Huck and Molly on the Roost

About applewoodfarm

Restaurateur, farmer, bartender, beekeeper, friend, wife, mother, dog lover, cat tolerater, chicken hypnotizer, blogger, and sometime yogi
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49 Responses to applewood farm Photo Contest! (with Prizes!)

  1. Christina del Balso says:

    I like the picture of BACON the best.

  2. Peter says:

    11. (It was 5 but that seemed like the obvious choice).

  3. Lucy says:

    I choose #10. Why? Because I think it’s the coolest — all the others are kind of typical farmy photos, which are AWESOME, but we’ve all seen pigs and goats and chickens roosting. But a cat in a fire pit? And it’s a funky fire pit. And it looks kind of foggy, which is just beautiful. The photo makes me want to be there and pet the cat on my lap while we sit around the fire. And therefore, this photo is the one I’d want hanging in my house.

  4. Adin says:

    #9 – Piglet in the Sunshine does a nice job of capturing the essence of the farm and the blog 🙂

  5. Tess says:


  6. Betty says:

    “Good morning gnome, good morning goat” has my vote!

  7. Stephanie says:

    3, 5, 7 are my faves: great shots, charming, and unique. If I had to pick only one for a restaurant wall, I’d have to select #3.

  8. Becca says:

    #3 is beautiful!

  9. Maggie says:

    #7! Goats in buckets!

  10. sam sherman says:


  11. Mary Bentley says:

    Number 7 is my favorite but 11 (goat/gnome) is a close runner up.

  12. Joanna says:

    #5 Baaaacon!!!

  13. Jean Rissman says:


  14. Jeff Rissman says:

    #13—Tatum Doing Chores

  15. sari surkis says:

    1st choice is #3 – Calendula, runner up is #5 – Bacon

  16. Matt says:

    13. Because, like, child labor.

  17. Geoffrey says:

    #2. (but also #9)

  18. Maggie says:

    #9. Piglet in sunshine.

  19. Katy says:

    #3 Calendula! …tough call though…

  20. Anne says:

    #5 Bacon!!
    (Will you disqualify me because I’m a vegetarian?)

  21. Jess G. says:


  22. Brendan F Casey says:

    #2 Huck in the weeds chickenheads better recognize ( #5 bacon is a verrry close 2nd)

  23. Cindy says:

    Tatum doing chores!

  24. Patricia says:

    I like Cindy at the door! #4

  25. Crystal B. says:


    But not in that order.

    Maybe 13, 3, 11, 2, 5

    They’re all great! Xo

  26. Missy says:

    #3! 🙂 Can’t decide between the cute farm animals.

  27. steven bennett says:


  28. Marcy says:

    I can’t choose just one, sorry 😉 Not gonna follow the rules!! #s 3,5,7,9,10,11,13 Now just pick 2 more and you’re all set LOL

  29. Mikha Grumet says:

    #5… that pig is looking into my soul!

  30. Jessica says:

    I vote #7. So cute!!!


  31. Cat in fire pit! Love the farm animals but wouldn’t want to see their pics if I’m eating them in the restaurant.

  32. sophie shea says:

    I cant decide between #7 and #11

  33. Yuko says:

    Tim says 14.

  34. Sarah Collier says:

    #14 Three Eggs is my favorite! Guess I’m into 3 of things!!!!! Love it! Can’t wait to see them on the walls xxxx

  35. That guy Lee says:

    #10, ‘cos, like…c’mon…

  36. agardner58 says:

    #2 – Huck in the Weeds

  37. Liz Young says:

    Because we love Tatum…and we love that she does chores. Photo tells a great story…

  38. Sue Sussman says:


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