applewood farm Photo Contest – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

A sincere thank-you to all who voted and commented on the photo contest.  We had a lot of fun seeing your responses and tallying the votes this morning.

IMG_9063We started the day by writing down all the names of everyone who voted, cutting them into strips, folding them up, and putting them in a little bowl.  Tatum, who had just woken up (see picture), was the name picker-outer.  Here, you can see her holding the strip with the winning voter’s name.

And the winner of a 16″x20″ photo print of his choice is… THAT GUY LEE!

Now, we don’t have a last name and we don’t recognize the email address, so in case THAT GUY LEE doesn’t see this post, we will contact him directly in order to get his prize to him.  Congratulations!

We are posting the contest winners below in order of popularity.  These will appear on the walls of applewood restaurant in Brooklyn just as soon as we get around to framing them.  Thanks again, Everyone!

Hello, Bacon!Bacon!


Kids in the Food BowlKids in the Food Bowl

Tatum and the Pig ShedTatum Doing Chores

Good Morning, Goat.  Good Morning, Gnome.“Good Morning, Gnome.  Good Morning, Goat.”

Huck in the WeedsHuck in the Weeds

IMG_5647Piglet in the Sunshine

Cat in the Fire PitCat in the Fire Pit

Three EggsThree Eggs

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