Making Scarecrows

IMG_1102Sometimes, the chores are all done and you have to do something totally frivolous.

We had a bunch of kids at the house yesterday to help us assemble the three scarecrows for which we had gotten the “ingredients.”  It was a simple trip to the Goodwill on Half-Price Wednesday for three XL flannel shirts, three pairs of really big pants, and three straw hats.

Then we grabbed some wooden garden stakes, baling twine, burlap sacks, and a bale of mulch and we were ready to go.

1374341_10151905693835772_398649018_nIt was a fun exercise in teamwork and silliness.  Everyone buttoned, and tucked, and stuffed, and balanced.  There was a good deal of toppling and stuffing-losing.  We all gave up on making faces with features.

In the end, we had three “lovely” scarecrows and everyone had a good time making them.  In the words of our four-year-old neighbor, Kiki, it was “the best scarecrow making day EVER!”

Never mind that it was the only scarecrow making day ever.  Just never mind that.


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