Bubble the Pig Has a Bad Leg

Our breeding sow, Bubble, has been walking with a limp lately. The leg doesn’t seem to be too badly injured, but it is cause for concern nonetheless. I was trying to capture her gait on video to see if we could analyze it later to figure out where the problem lay.

It didn’t really work.

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Restaurateur, farmer, bartender, beekeeper, friend, wife, mother, dog lover, cat tolerater, chicken hypnotizer, blogger, and sometime yogi
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2 Responses to Bubble the Pig Has a Bad Leg

  1. Well, I hope Bubble’s leg recuperates soon. Maybe it is just from the hard, frozen ground? They have to walk so unnaturally on it.

  2. Mom says:

    Sorry to hear about Bubble’s leg. Hope she’ll be well suet.

    As your Mom, I’m a tad concerned about the brevity of your blog. Do you have laryngitis of the hand?

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