Be Like the Pigs

Our walkway which, today, doubled as a birdbath and improvisational boot washing station

Our walkway which, today, doubled as a birdbath and improvisational boot washing station

Today was one of those days.

It was one of those grey, rainy kind of days that makes your bed seem a little softer and your blankets seem a little warmer.  The kind of day that makes your to-do list seem unimportant and your night table book beckon like a siren on the wind.

But there is a to-do list and it’s not completely full of things that can be ignored.  Currently, it is home to such items as “go through seed catalogs/plan gardens,” and “finish building walls in basement for studio,” not to mention, “stack the wood that’s been sitting on the lawn since June, you hobo.”

In an effort to straddle both sides of the fence, I motivated as far as the kitchen where I baked some delightful granola.  I then proceeded to do some laundry, followed immediately by a half-hearted attempt to Generally Clean Things Up.  While the house smelled cinnamony and warm, I still couldn’t escape the feeling that I was being neglectful and lazy.  I decided it was time to venture outside to see what needed doing and perhaps collect some eggs.

Venturing outside served two purposes.  I managed to 1) reopen the leak in my rain boot and soak my sock, further convincing me that I should have simply stayed indoors and 2) witness farm animals in the rain which completely convinced me that rainy days are meant only for sleeping and also, perhaps, napping.


Mouse, snuggled into a bed of wheelbarrow hay

My first stop took me past Mouse, the barn cat.

Mouse is a lovely, feral mouser extraordinaire who likes people about as much as teenagers like giant nose acne, and she’s not afraid to show it.  The seething hatred in her eyes probably doesn’t come through in this image, but I assure you, it was there.

The fact that Mouse didn’t sprint out of the wheelbarrow and as far from me as possible gives some indication of how much snuggly napping the day required.


Not-napping, untrustworthy chickens

Second stop was the chicken coop.

Since chickens are no indication of anything worthwhile and because they have been previously deemed untrustworthy, their behavior today will not be used for our purposes.

My friend, Maggie, wrote a very funny blog post about not trusting chickens.  You can (and definitely should) read that here:

But this is not my point.

My point is that rainy days are for napping and not for working and I needed as much solid evidence of this as possible to defend my lazy self.


Not a goat

Next stop was the goat shed where both Dot and Ramyu were, in fact, napping on a comforter they had finally managed to wrestle free from the wall where we’d affixed it.  Getting photographic evidence of goats napping would require moving in with them full-time and simply waiting them out.  Goats are perenially interested in humans and find it VERY difficult to relax around us.  Goats are a lot like dogs except that dogs find it incredibly easy to relax around us.

They’re like dogs in other ways.  That’s a different post altogether, though.

After leaving the kids with a snack, I expected to find the pigs playing in this wet and muddy day with relish and abandon.  They so hated the frozen ground of the past couple weeks and seemed genuinely joyful when the temperature rose and the earth softened beneath their hooves again.


Pig portions visible through the open shed door

But no.  They were napping.

And they looked downright pleased about it.

They were not stressing about the mud that wasn’t being wallowed, nor were they fretting the ground that wasn’t being rooted.  They weren’t concerned that they weren’t getting caught up on their back scratching-against-a-tree-or-a-rock, and they didn’t seem to mind that the food in their trough hadn’t been finished.

There was a fair amount on the pigs’ to-do list and yet there they were, just napping.

So, I trudged back up to the house and into the mud room.  I took off my boots and my jacket and went inside.  The house smelled like freshly baked granola and clean clothes and the bed WAS softer and warmer when I climbed right back in.

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