What a Boar!

Squeak the Boar

Squeak the Boar

Squeak the Boar, 18 months, of East Chatham, New York, died at home today, surrounded by friends and relatives.

He was born in West Swanzee, New Hampshire, and travelled to East Chatham at just six weeks of age.

He was married to Bubble the Pig and is survived by her and their 11 piglets.

Squeak loved life.  He enjoyed eating, rooting in the earth, taking mud baths, and sleeping.  His favorite spot was the decimated hay pile under the giant pine tree.

A giant of a boar, Squeak left this world weighing in at 809 pounds.  He will live on in our memories and on our plates, mainly in the form of bacon and sausage.

His legacy will be significant; he will be greatly missed.

He was a lover…

He was a lover…

… A father…

… A father…

… and a fantastic eater.

… and a fantastic eater.

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4 Responses to What a Boar!

  1. Well played Lala, well played.

  2. Curious about the meat quality of a big ol’ boar like that? Is that why you chose mainly sausage?

    • The quality of the meat is wonderful; the issue is the fat content. There is just SO much fat and pork fat is not something you waste. Its just too delicious. We’ve already enjoyed the tenderloin (which was almost the size of a typical loin and fed four of us) and there is a huge amount of bacon and belly. Sausage reins supreme on a beast this big, however. Lots and lots of wonderful sausage.

  3. Mom says:

    IF you had met Squeak, you’d definitely know why sausage will be his prime legacy.
    I am honored to be able to say that I actually met Squeak before his demis. Sadly, he was supine during our entire interaction. RIP

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