Christmas Wreathing

Tatum wanted a Christmas wreath.

I did not want a Christmas wreath.

Now, I have nothing against wreaths, but now that we live in the country (where pine is ubiquitous), I do have a problem paying someone actual cash money for tying it together in a pleasing manner.

I figure if we are going to hang a circle of pine on the wall, we will grab it from the yard and make it ourselves.

So we did.

The only hard part was getting started.

As it turns out, the easiest way to start a wreath is to BUY a wreath form.  This is, essentially, a circle made out of anything sturdy.  Or not so sturdy.  I saw them made out of newspaper and styrofoam, wire and cork, you name it.  And, again, I was not going to purchase this thing if I could help it.  We started searching the house for Wreath-Form-Worthy items.

Exhibit A

Totally functional laundry basket. I don’t know what you even mean.

We settled on the broken laundry basket.

Side note: I can go waaaaay too long before replacing something that needs replacing.  If I like something, it has to break completely, and then break more.  It’s not that I was attached to the basket, per se, it’s just that it still functioned well enough and I didn’t yet have to bother getting another one.

We pulled the basket apart until it seemed like we had a wreath-form amount of material.  Then we set to work.



Shaping the basket wreckage into a circleish shape, we then bound the pieces together with green wire.  Where the pieces overlapped, we really wired it thoroughly.

Once that was done, we went over the entire shape to reinforce the hold and tighten it all up.  After all, this thing has to support a fair amount of pine,

As it turned out, we didn’t even need to go outside for our pine.  After getting our Christmas tree yesterday, we had to trim it a bit to fit our low ceilings.  We removed about eight inches off of the bottom, along with about four good branches.

The meat off of these branches turned out to be perfectly suited to our project for today.

IMG_8049Tatum broke off branches and trimmed everything into usable pieces.

Charlie, the dog, supervised.

Once all the pine was cut and piled, we started tying the pieces to the frame.

We went around and around, giving it shape and adding bits here and there until it looked just right.

Now, Tatum says, all we need are some candy canes and it will be perfect.

Only missing the candy canes.

Only missing the candy canes.

I think it’s perfect already.

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