These Goats Are Made for Walking

The goats have a nice enough enclosure with plenty of space, but sometimes they really want to go out for a walk.

One of the many funny things about goats is that they will not wander off.  They will not stray.

Come ON, Mom!

Come ON, Mom!

They will trot along behind me, stopping when I stop, walking when I walk.

If they do run off for a moment, having been startled by something (usually something imperceptible to humans), they will wait for me to catch up.

So, if I want to show them something like, for example, the giant pile of pine that the snow brought down, I have to take them all the way there.

Which is what I did this morning.

Last month, we had the first huge snow of the season and one of the mighty pines in our yard lost a massive branch under the weight of it all.

IMG_8171The pieces that came down were too big to move, but they are perfect for browsing on Field Trip Days such as today.

As an added bonus, the cold weather keeps the pine fresh even though it’s no longer on its tree.  This ensures that Dot and Janie will have good snacking well into the winter months.

As long as I walk them directly to it.

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1 Response to These Goats Are Made for Walking

  1. carolpeckham says:

    This makes me miss the goats I had as a kid. I just love your blog!!!

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