Top Ten Lists Can be Fun!

Many WordPress bloggers have been sharing year-end reports and my favorite blogger (Bill of White Flint Farm) has done so as well.  His was done in the form of his top-ten posts, stats-wise, and I thought it would be fun to follow suit.

Top Ten Lists can be fun.

Parsing things down into bite-sized portions makes the otherwise vast amount of information out there more accessible in a world overfull of input and stimulus.

So, let’s parse…

Last year the blog was viewed about 31,000 times.  There were 56 new posts, bringing the total post total to 156.  People from 116 different countries visited, with the majority coming from the United States, Canada, and the U.K.

And the top-ten most-visited posts of  2014 were:

10. Ramps, Take What You Need and Leave the Rest About seeking and finding a place to forage ramps (wild leeks).  But really about how, and why, to do this sustainably.

9. Goat Eggs (but really, Olive Eggers) Goat who lay eggs and roosters who are really hens.

8. The Sacrificial Chicken When foxes get hungry.

7. The Mad Rooster Culler What happens when roosters behave badly on my watch.

6. Hatching Chicks: An adorable (and slightly gross) photo essay This post is from 2013, but probably continues to get visits due to the fact that it is unusually informative, with a step-by-step(ish) guide to hand-hatching incubator chicks.

(Side note: We no longer incubate as we have plenty of broody hens in our flock and that is decidedly the better way to go)

5. Buying Firewood: A Comedy in Three Parts Wherein city folks get schooled on how things are done.

4. And All of a Sudden, Maggie Gone On losing my very best friend.  Suddenly and totally unexpectedly.  Which sucked.  A lot.

3. Culling the Roosters — Part Two (culling the roosters) The second part of a marginally informative piece on how to kill roosters when roosters need killin’.

2. Culling the Roosters — Part One (making a kill cone) The first part.  Slightly more informative in that it shows how to make a cheap and serviceable kill cone.

And most visited post of the year was…

1. Chickensicles On the jaw-droppingly impressive stupidity of chickens.

So, thanks for reading the blog.  I’m always positive no one is, so it’s great to see that I’m not just writing for my own amusement (although that wouldn’t really be a deterrent… I’m easily amused) .


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4 Responses to Top Ten Lists Can be Fun!

  1. Cheri says:

    I always always read your blog.. It just seems too long between entries lol .. Your humor makes my day.. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Bill says:

    My blog wants to be your blog when it grows up.

  3. Kim says:

    My husband and I just bought a farm in Northern Idaho over the summer- everything needs restoration….the little farmhouse, the giant 1922 barn and the creamery shed. We live in S. California now but dream of moving to our farm. I found your blog and I love your writing, humor, subject matter! We don’t have farm animals yet, but we are living it thru your blog. We do have active hay fields and a great “hay guy” to keep them growing and cut. Keep the entries coming!

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