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The Shine On Award

I received a note today that I was nominated for the WordPress Shine On Award. What follows is what I think I was supposed to do in response to this lovely honor. Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but hopefully it … Continue reading

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Chickens, Chickens Everywhere, Nor Any Eggs to Eat

When we started keeping chickens, we bought a dozen Rhode Island Reds (RIRs) from a guy down near Red Hook, New York.  The hens were about 16 months old and they cost $2 each.  It was the perfect starter flock. … Continue reading

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The Winter Hoop House

As promised, we pulled out the tomato plants last week.   Despite their continued production, the quality of the remaining tomatoes was poor, the plants were visibly dying, and the space was needed for the winter crops!  The plants themselves … Continue reading

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The Changing Seasons

We celebrated eight years of applewood on September 22nd.  Eight years since we opened our doors to a welcoming neighborhood and started introducing city folks to the nearby farmers who were growing their food.  We also celebrated the end of … Continue reading

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