Goats, Beautiful Goats

There was a beautiful, sunny day last week.

I left work to let the dogs out and check on the other animals and was immediately struck by how lovely everything looked.

Something about the angle of the sun and the stillness of the day made everything (and everyone) look exceptionally photogenic.

So, I ran back inside for my camera.

DSC_0013Now, the pigs were sleeping and not getting up, and the chickens were largely hunkered down in the garage, but the goats… well… the goats were posing like it was a shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover (livestock issue).

Especially our stinky, borrowed buck.  He was working the camera with everything he had.

All that was missing was a wind machine.


About applewoodfarm

Restaurateur, farmer, bartender, beekeeper, friend, wife, mother, dog lover, cat tolerater, chicken hypnotizer, blogger, and sometime yogi
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2 Responses to Goats, Beautiful Goats

  1. Pat Levine says:

    I love your blog. This one made me laugh out loud. All of your posts are interesting and done with such humor – I look forward to reading them. Keep it up!

  2. Claudette says:

    I smile when i see that you have posted.
    Lovely goats – thank you!
    Thank you!

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