WTF, Chickens?

Back in January, I wrote about the plethora of eggs we’d been getting from our hens.

That was two months ago, and the ladies have only become more prolific since then.

Since we track our eggs daily, we tend to notice small fluctuations in numbers.  These fluctuations are typically indicators of how good we are at finding where the hens are currently stashing their goods.

Their hidey-holes tend to change weekly or, if we’re extremely lucky, every other week.

Just as we trick ourselves into believing we know all their stash spots, the chickens change them; a clutch develops in some hidden nook, and the neglected and undiscovered eggs begin to freeze.

For example, until recently, we knew the hens were laying in the following five spots:

  1. The mud room milk crate
  2. The dog carrier in the garage
  3. The bag of pine shavings in the garage
  4. The floor of the goat shed
  5. The chicken coop

Note that these are listed in the order of most-commonly used to least.

Over the past couple of days, our egg tally was starting to wane.  The difference was only a couple of eggs per day, but clearly the girls were on the move.

Since the garage has been the favored spot for the vast majority of our feathered mamas, I thought I’d start my search there.

Chicken baby bonanza

Chicken baby bonanza

I glanced in a few corners and behind a couple of hay bales.

Then, I looked on the floor between some hog fencing, some bricks, and a piece of scrap plywood, and found the mother lode.

By the time I went through this stockpile to determine which eggs, if any, hadn’t frozen, I realized that just a little closer to me, down in the blanket-lined-box we’d provided for the barn cat, was ANOTHER shit-ton of eggs.


We are helpful.

And I don’t think they were laid by the cat.

But I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I found 54 eggs in the garage today.

Of those 54 eggs:

  • 15 were frozen and were thrown to the dogs for snacking,
  • six were not frozen, but were WAY too gross to keep, and
  • 35 were perfectly good, clean, lovely eggs.
Bonus material

Bonus material

I just wonder where they’ll be stashing them next?

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5 Responses to WTF, Chickens?

  1. says:

    Good thing that you are a bit smarter than those hens! :>))) Claudette

  2. ccm989 says:

    In the winter, my 3 hens like to lay eggs all in the same box (despite the fact that there are 3 boxes available). Obviously that one box is clearly superior to all others (but only a hen understands that). Then in the summer, they like to lay outside. The last favorite place was behind a shrub. Couldn’t figure out where all the eggs went until my 14 year old noticed heaps of rotten, broken eggs. Cleaning them up wasn’t fun. And strangely my 14 year old disappeared the moment I suggested he help!

  3. Karen Winkelmann (Mom) says:

    Maybe they’ll lay some in the skillet on the stove, ready to be scrambled.

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