A Cucumber Trellis

This is a simple way to grow cucumbers in a small space.

IMG_9114Using a small patch of soil, some spare timber, and an excess length of hog fencing, we made a cucumber trellis that is working beautifully.

We sank the two back pieces of timber into the ground a few inches, then stapled the fencing to the top of each piece.  We ran it out at a 45 degree angle and held the loose end down with rocks.  To raise it up in the center, we added a pointy piece of timber that gives the whole thing a little lift.  We mounded soil at the bottom and planted seeds.

IMG_9117The plants naturally climbed the fencing, sending out runners and crawling in all directions.  An added bonus of this off-the-ground technique is that there is no need for weeding at any point.  When the area around the trellis starts to get long or overgrown, we just buzzed it with the grass whip and it was lovely and clean again.  Hand pulling the little weeds that develop near the roots isn’t really even necessary because there is so little plant in contact with the ground, hardly any grow there.  This system keeps the cucumbers completely off the ground, so they are clean and ready to use from the moment of picking.

IMG_9127Our plant has just really taken off over the past week and is producing like mad.  As the fruit become heavy, it drops through the openings in the fencing to make picking effortless.

Also, it looks pretty cool.

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